With just a week to go before term starts we would like to update you on a number of important issues. We hope students are looking forward to coming back and the team here at FRA are certainly excited about seeing students and getting back to some normality. Although there will be differences at school, we have been working hard to ensure the focus is on the students and their reintroduction back into school, with a real emphasis on making sure students are safe as well as not left behind with their learning. With Government guidelines at the forefront of what we have to do, following our school procedures for safety will be paramount and students will all need to recognise the importance of the instructions they are given…with more research being published that shows the risk around young people is much lower, we have still opted for a thorough approach and worked hard to put in place pragmatic solutions that allow us to operate in an effective way, but it hasn’t been easy!

For those of you that read the school newsletter there was some useful information in our last issue that is still valid and should be helpful additional reading. We also have a COVID-19 page with information on risk assessments and Trust wide policies.

Here are a few things that should help to clarify and some links to further information on certain topics:


You will be met off the buses by a member of staff who will direct you to your Year Group area or ‘bubble’. This will have a separate entry and exit point. We may choose to conduct temperature checks although this is not a requirement, and will depend on the logistics of school buses. Although we are allowed to have up to 260 students in a bubble (two year groups), we have opted to keep students in a year group bubble for the majority of the day. As you enter the building student’s will need to wash their hands or sanitise and we have lots of sanitising points now around school. Lessons will largely all be in the same classroom with teachers coming to students for each lesson. Tables and seating will all be facing forwards and the teacher will teach from the front of the classroom. Each classroom will have its own cleaning station and the cleaning team will be cleaning throughout the day, with a new ‘fogging machine’ deployed in the evenings to disinfect specific areas. Breaks will be outside in separate areas from other ‘bubbles’ and supervised and students will be required to wash hands/sanitise on re-entry. Visits to toilets during lessons will be supervised. Canteen procedures will be as follows:

1st break 10:30 – Year 7/8 only – Year 7’s being escorted by teachers 10 mins early

1st lunch break 12-12:30 – Year 9/10 only – Year 9’s being escorted early

2nd lunch break – 13:45-14:15 – Year 7/8 only – Year 7’s escorted early

Year 11 – a limited food service will be available in the College, this will not be a full hot service, so students are encouraged to bring extra food/snacks if required.

Year 9/10 will only have access once to the canteen due to the cleaning/bubble requirements so we suggest pupils may want to bring additional snacks with them and they will be directed to where they will be allowed to eat these during 1st break or 2nd lunch.

The canteen will be cleaned between uses and there will be staff supervising sanitising stations on entry and exit to the canteen.

At the end of the day, students will leave their area through separate exits and be supervised onto the buses.

COVID-19 Cases/Symptoms

Should your child display any of the Covid-19 symptoms we request you do not send them to school but follow government/NHS guidelines and get an appropriate test as soon as possible.  Should a student display symptoms and become unwell in school they will be immediately isolated and assessed.  Following this the school will apply government/NHS guidelines and we will request the student is collected immediately and a test arranged.  We acknowledge that as we move into the Autumn and the ‘colds’ season this may lead to some short absences but, with current testing times improving dramatically, we will expect any student back in school as soon as possible who has displayed a negative result.  At all times we will be following government guidelines to keep everyone safe and appreciate your help with this.

New contingency planning guidance

On Friday the Government issued us with new guidance on contingency planning. We have spent much of the summer planning so it wasn’t ideal to receive this so close to the start of term. We will be working through this new guidance over the next few days but are confident that our existing plans are robust and that in the event of any local lockdown, we already have good procedures that can deal with most eventualities. Many schools are not lucky enough to have iPads for all pupils so our experience of providing schooling during lockdown means we are confident we can continue to deliver a strong learning offer if there was a local lockdown in Cornwall.


We are all particularly looking forward to meeting our new Year 7. Parents should all have received a pack with a welcome letter, information booklet and admissions forms. Please make sure you complete these forms and return them following the guidance in the pack. Although this is a different start from normal, please be reassured that our fantastic Village team have worked hard along with the rest of the school staff to be ready to welcome you to FRA.

On Monday 7th students will meet their new tutors and will spend plenty of time with them going through what happens in school and familiarising them with the school day, this will include things like what happens at break times, where toilets are, how to pay for food and all the little things that might be on their minds.

If you have any questions in advance, don’t hesitate to get in touch. enquiries@fracademy.org and don’t forget to have a look at our Transition page which has useful information.

So, we are ready for the adventure and hope our new Year 7 are as excited as us about September’s fresh start! 


We have issued guidance from Cornwall Council on the use of public transport which can be found here. We recommend that all our students wear a face covering whilst using shared transport. This will also be enforced on our school minibus for local pick ups.


Where possible we will also be providing a member of staff to escort the students on the buses on the first day next week, both to and from school. We felt this was important to ease the anxiety of some students and ensure everyone’s safety gets off to a good start.


This has been a particularly thorny issue in the press of late. Our position is as follows.

We recommended all students wear face coverings on transport to and from school.

On arrival, face coverings must be placed in the students school bag – reusable coverings should ideally be washed every day, disposable masks taken home and disposed of that evening.

Students are not required to wear face coverings whilst at school.

Students must not wear face coverings in classrooms.

Students may wear face coverings in communal/public areas at school

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of face coverings please contact us via email, before term starts and we would be happy to discuss any issues. enquiries@fracademy.org


The first week back will be focussed on the Recovery Curriculum and assessing where students are with their knowledge and learning from the lockdown period. This is aimed at helping students with the emotional side of going through lockdown and being reintroduced into the school environment but also ensuring we have plans for each student to get them back on track.


At FRA we have a ‘consequence hirerarchy’. This is a very clear set of rules and consequences which students understand. Complying with our instructions around safety and COVID related protocols will form part of the consequences hierarchy. What this means in practice is that if a student or group of students compromises the safety and wellbeing of others by not following our safety guidelines, then we will treat this the same as other serious offences on the hierarchy, with the ultimate sanction that they are excluded if we deem it a serious breach. We will be going through this with students at the start of the week and hope that parents will support us in this serious matter.


We are asking all students to arrive each day with the following equipment; this will help to ensure equipment is not being shared and that students are ready to work. School uniform will not be required until October Half-Term to give parents adequate time to purchase uniform. That can be done from http://www.cornwallscreenprint.co.uk Until half-term, students will be able to wear non-school uniform. PE kit should be worn to school on days when students have PE, with a suitable tracksuit over the top if the weather dictates.

  • No ripped jeans
  • No cropped or otherwise revealing tops
  • No extremely short skirts
  • No sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes
  • No excessive make-up
  • No extreme hairstyles
  • No jewellery or piercings other than plain ear-studs
  • No offensive messages or pictures on clothing
  • Face Mask for buses
  • Strong waterproof school bag
  • A scientific calculator
  • A pencil case containing the following:
  • Pens and pencils
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pencil sharpener & Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Compass & Protractor
  • Glue stick


Students will continue to be set homework, this must be completed online through firefly as it has been during lock down. To access the FireFly portal as a parent please see the following guidance: https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/parents/getting-started/logging-in