Remote Education Provision

Whilst we are in lockdown, FRA is providing a remote curriculum for the majority of students. The following document sets out our commitments.

Fowey River Academy staff are curriculum makers – we understand that our job is to design learning programmes that nurture enquiry, spark imagination, push creativity, create well-rounded caring citizens and produce high performance learners

Our curriculum intent is to deliver a conceptual, connected and real-life curriculum plan.

CONCEPTUAL: The intention is to develop and rich and engaging curriculum that involves a programme of conceptual development of all the national curriculum subjects from Year 7 to Year 11. We have started this work and we will now refine the order and sequencing of these concepts in each subject area to create a development pathway/roadmap that can take students towards AS/A level study.

CONNECTED: We believe that we are architects of a connected curriculum. We will connect learning by continuing to develop and promote a curriculum language of ‘growth mind-set’ and by planning learning experiences with a ‘mastery’ approach. At FRA students are being taught to believe that everyone is capable of excellence because intelligence is not fixed but can and will be grown and nurtured. We intend to use planning devices such as Solo and Bloom’s taxonomy ever more deliberately and expertly in 2019/20 and to create learning challenges where new knowledge and understanding is connected to new contexts to demonstrate deep learning.

REAL LIFE: The staff are encouraged to use real life questions to guide the formation of their medium term plans and this aims to create a clear learning narrative for each module.  Every unit of learning is planned in 9-week blocks and the intention is that each one starts with a motivational entry point/’hook’ and a knowledge harvest and has an overarching Essential Question to pose, refer back to, refine and answer.

Where possible the students are set a real-world challenge by an outside expert to give the new learning an ‘authentic audience’ and students will either be presented with – or help to co-construct – an outcome exit point which will preferably be community based. Either way the intention is to share a clear learning outcome with the students.

The intention is to create multi-disciplinary learning cycles, influenced by the work of the IMYC. Our intention is to utilise the high quality inter-disciplinary studies approach developed by REAL project methodology, pioneered by the Innovation Unit and High Tech High in the USA. REAL is an abbreviation of Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning.

The plan is that the ideas from REAL will infuse project-based learning approaches in KS3 programmes of study. As an Adventure learning school, we also intend our curriculum design to be influenced by the 10 principles of Expeditionary Learning and the work of Kurt Hahn.



The Year 7 Curriculum consists of:

  • REAL project – History, Geog, Art, Drama
  • Carousel – 3 lessons per semester of one of the following on a
    9-week rota: Photography, PSHE, Music
  • Core – 3 English, 3 Maths, 3 Science, 2 MFL (F or Sp), 2 PE
  • REAL = Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning. A pedagogy
    which connects deep subject content with real world



The Year 8 Curriculum consists:

  • REAL project – Geography, History, Art and Drama
  • Carousel – 3 lessons per semester of one of the following on a
    9-week rota: Photography, PSHE, Music
  • Core – 3 English, 3 Maths, 3 Science, 2 MFL (F, G and S), 2 PE


The Year 9 Curriculum consists of:

  • No REAL project – as discrete subjects in preparation for options at
    the end of Year 9. History and Geography now have 2 lessons a
    week each.

  • Carousel – 3 lessons per semester of one of the following on a
    9-week rota: Photography, PSHE, Drama and Music 

  • Core – 3 English, 3 Maths, 3 Science, 2 MFL (F,S and G), 2 PE


In Year 10, GCSE choices begin including GCSE or Technical Awards subjects:

  • Core – 3 English Literature, 3 Maths, 4 Science (all students doing Triple
  • Option 1 – French, German, Spanish, Lifeskills, Creative Media
  • Option 2 – History or Geography
  • Option 3 – Geography, Drama, Music Technology, Textiles, Citizenship or Art
  • Option 4 – Music, Art, Catering, French, Photography, Media Studies
  • Option 5 – PE – OCR Sports Science, AQA GCSE
  • Options all 2 lessons per week.



In Years 11, GCSE choices continue.  This year’s students are following the curriculum below.

  • Legacy curriculum
  • Core – 3 English, 3 Maths, 4 Science, 2 PE
  • Option 1 – Child Development, Citizenship, French, German, IT and Spanish
  • Option 2 – History or Geography
  • Option 3 – Drama, Geography, Music Technology, RE, Textiles or Art
  • Option 4 – Catering, French, Graphics, Music, Photography and Art
  • Options all 2 lessons per week.