COVID Testing

Just a reminder that we need you to upload your test results to our school database here: as well as the NHS Test & Trace site here

As some of you will know, the Government has said that schools will be asked to support mass testing of students and staff, to aid the fight against COVID.  Testing is voluntary, but given the seriousness of the pandemic, we are hoping the vast majority will support efforts to make the school environment even safer than it already is. 

Today we learned what will be involved in the testing programme and we are now planning to be operational for student testing from w/c Monday 11th for those in school.  We need all students to have consent for testing before we can proceed with individual tests, please fill out this short form here so we can make sure we have your consent.


For further information on the process and general questions please read the attached letters:

Of course, mobilising a mass testing programme for a school is no simple exercise and another additional skill we have acquired through this crisis!  The big issue all schools will have is running this at the same time as trying to keep a full curriculum going, which we are absolutely committed to.  We will have to complete over 1,200 tests a week which is a full-time logistical exercise in itself. 

So WE NEED YOUR HELP…we are looking for volunteers to work alongside our staff, to help with all aspects of the process, from record-keeping to supervision of the tests.  Can you spare a few hours each week or day to help in this fight against COVID?  We would not ask if it wasn’t hugely important…and this will make a big difference…full training and PPE will be provided…please email us if you are happy to help or want to enquire about what might be involved.