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Dear Parents 
The Academy was buzzing with energy last week in Project Week. Students were immersed in a huge range of community and craft activities and enjoying learning in a different style to normal. The video above gives you just a few photos of the trips, events and visitors that made up the rich diet of learning. A huge thank you must go to all the staff who went above and beyond to make it such a great week. 

It is a reminder to us all that learning that engages with the real world and allows young people to use their natural creativity, is learning that encourages memories for life. This is our aim for all curriculum learning modules as well as future project weeks. It is our privilege to prepare students for a new and uncertain world by equipping them with skills and understanding to be flexible and successful as we move into the 2020s. 

The new Winter Semester begins this week and all students will be beginning new courses in all their subjects. We also will be launching the new Student Planner which will need to be brought in each day and to every lesson like the iPad. It will be the place where homework is written so that parents can check what has been set, more easily. We will be asking parents to sign the Planner at the weekend to ensure that homework is completed.  

We also have a new credit system. Every lesson a credit will be awarded by the teacher to one of the students who shows one of the Academy values or 7Es by displaying exceptional positive learner habits. These can be collected and every seven credits will allow different rewards to be selected from early lunch passes to Amazon vouchers. It will also be the place to record faults if students choose to break school rules so we implement policy consistently.  It is important that the Planner is looked after or it will need to be replaced. 

I would like to thank the many parents and carers that have come into school over the last ten days to see the positive work that their children have been doing. It is really positive to see such support from so many families. 

Best wishes for the last week of November 2019. 
Sara Davey