Dear Parents and Carers,

The past few days have been unsettling for us all and with advice changing daily we have decided to do a daily update and would be grateful if you would share with other parents. Please bear with us in these difficult times, we are all doing our utmost to provide a safe school and continuity for our students. At the time of writing FRA is:

1. Following Government policy and remaining open until we are instructed to close.

2. Continuing to provide extra-curricular activities like the MIXX programme and after-school revision sessions.

3. Continuing to follow Government guidance on precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus.

4. Preparing for school closure to ensure that students are ready for home-learning to be activated and that consideration is given as to how best ensure the completion of exams and coursework.

5. Cancelling/postponing any school trip or visit planned between now and the end of April.

6. Cancelling/postponing any school production, or meetings involving multiple visitors to the school until after Easter.

7. Cancelling all parents evenings – reports will be sent home to all pupils and parents are free to email their respective Year Group Teams to obtain feedback, contacts below.

8. Cancelling any after-school club which is run by anyone outside of the school staff.

9. Monitoring closely the health and welfare of all staff and have in place measures which will allow us to keep our school operating as normally as possible.

10. Reviewing the operation of the Sports Hub and updating risk assessments to ensure it poses no greater risk to students.

If you have any Safeguarding or pastoral concerns at this time please email: and a member of the Safeguarding Team will be able to support you.