We continue to follow government advice and are now practicing social distancing as much as possible.

We are aware that other schools have shut to certain year groups, and this may have to be an option in the near future as staff and pupil numbers are affected, with priority given to Yr 11 due to their exams. We are also doing the following:

1. Individual meetings with external visitors cancelled, phone meetings being planned instead
2. Assemblies cancelled
3. Aspire360 Sailing Trip postponed
4. French Water-sports trip postponed
5. D of E trips postponed until further notice
6. Due to some staff and students being forced to self-isolate at home, some classes are being collapsed
7. Preparing digital resources in case of closure
8. Students being trained to upload work to FireFly
9. Community post-card available to all students to help support neighbours
10. Food bank donation service available via reception to support local families
11. Sports Hub still open but group lettings and classes cancelled and areas zoned to avoid public/student using same spaces