Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone for the number of times that we had to close to year groups this semester. We are a fairly small school with thirty-two teaching staff, at one point we have ten staff away and no supply teachers available. You will have seen in the News that schools across the country have had to close due to teachers being unwell and a lack of supply teachers. With the isolation rules being removed we hope that we will have no further issues.

This week we have had guests from four different European countries visiting the school, the foreign students have been hosted with our students and this has been a great learning experience for all involved. A big thanks to Miss Hick who wrote the bid to apply for this funding and for putting the detailed plan for the week together. There will be more opportunities for students to be involved in further exchanges in the future.

You will shortly be getting an email containing information about an Edulink One app, there will be a user guide and login details for you. The app will allow you to access a variety of information about your child including notifications about merits achieved and behaviour points along with the ability to report an absence, view reports and change contact details.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter, enjoy the holidays and I look forward to welcoming back the students on Monday 25th April.

Key Dates:
Year seven parents evening Tuesday 17th May
Year nine options evening Wednesday 8th June

Mr Eddy