Dear Parents/Carers

lt is with very great pleasure that we are announcing that as of today, 1st May 2019, the
future is here and we have got our school back!

After constantly drawing attention to the inadequacies of the previous Trust to all the key
people in the Department for Education and with the help of our local MP, Steve Double
and Panorama, we have finally transferred out of the discredited and defunct Adventure
Learning Academies Trust.

We are now very proud members of a high performing Cornish Multi Academy Trust (MAT)
and we have joined a new, exciting and aspirational organisation that is one of the best
performing MATs in the country. It is called the Leading Edge Academies Partnership. There
are 5 schools in this relatively new MAT and they are already providing outstanding
educational provision and opportunities for the young people in their care. FRA will now
become a high-flying centre of excellence for academic, musical and sporting prowess.

We have already secured multi-million pound funding to renovate and improve the
academy site beyond all measure. Clearly significant amounts of money will need to be
spent on less exciting, but essential things like drainage and re-wiring, but our plans are to a
fantastic future with world-class facilities for all of our students, staff and community.
We have a new website, and we have also launched ourselves on all
social media platforms.

Over the coming weeks and months, a transformation of all aspects of the academy will
happen. Environments will be radically overhauled, communication systems will be timely
and effective and learning experiences and outcomes will be taken to ever-increasing
new heights.

We would like to finish by saying a very big thank you to our Governors. Their tireless work at
getting community backing and their belief in the team here at Fowey has been so
consistent and positive that it really is difficult to imagine that we would have got to this
point without them. Likewise, our thanks also go to the Trustees of the Leading Edge
Academies Partnership because their willingness to bring FRA into the fold and their belief
in the future of the academy and its aspirations for the future, have made the conversion

Thank you to all parents who have shared their best wishes with us, by working in partnership we will create an outstanding school in record time.


Martin Dale – Headteacher                                  Sara Davey – Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                 Leading Edge Academies Partnership