I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am Mrs Coombe the new School Librarian.

I have worked in schools before and have been a Manager in many Cornwall Council Libraries. I am very excited to be back in a library especially here at Fowey River Academy. 

The Students and Staff have made me feel very welcome and it is super to see so many Year 7, 8 and 9 students are using the library. At the moment we are planning a whole school library, hopefully in a bigger room, where we will introduce a larger range of books. 

I would appreciate it if all students and their families could search and find any stray books from school and also any spare books that you would like to donate to us, please. We would like to accept any good quality donations whether they are Fiction or Non-fiction. 

I am excited to be building the library into a safe happy environment and to share my love of books and reading with the whole school. 

Thank you to all the students for being so lovely to me and popping their heads around my door which is always open. 

Happy Book Hunting. 

Mrs Coombe