Firstly, a massive thank you from all of the staff at Fowey River Academy for your support transitioning to a digital curriculum this week. Staff have been incredibly impressed by the quality of work submitted by many of our students who have shown great maturity at this time. Thank you for all that you have done to support your child, without your help the outstanding work we have seen this week would not have been possible. 

Head of Maths Mrs Miller said; “Thank you so much to all the FRA pupils who have persevered with their Maths work this week. Not only have I had some beautiful work emailed to me, I have had pupils eager to ask questions, take on guidance in order to solve really tricky problems and work in a mature, independent way that has me in awe of them all. Thank you for all your hard work with your children – we are really proud of them all!”

Head of Science Leanne Osborne commented; “I have been really impressed with the endurance of students, particularly Y10 who have been working on chemical calculations. Many students have responded to feedback and improved their work without me actually asking them to!” 

Mrs Berry, Assistant Head with responsibility for English and Literacy, said: “We have been overwhelmed with the quality of learning sent in from home. Thank you so much to parents and students that are trying so hard. We have particularly enjoyed reading Romantic poetry from Year 7 and Year 10’s inference skills on surfing. I am excited to see what Speaking and Listening speeches we will receive from Y11 this afternoon.”

We do however understand that this has been a challenging week for some students getting used to this new method of learning. We also appreciate that many of you have more than one child at home, are sharing ICT resources and are balancing work and child care, and we recognise the challenges this presents. 

In order to ensure students continue to receive a high quality online education at this unprecedented time, while making the new online curriculum manageable for, students, parents and staff, we have made the decision to reduce the number of planned lessons per week after the Easter break.

This decision has been made to give students more time to complete tasks to a high standard while they adjust to the new system, and staff more time to provide the personalised feedback and support students need via email/Firefly at this time. 

Post-Easter Holiday Online Curriculum Provision

Year 7 – Year 9

Core subjects: 2 planned lessons per week (e.g. 2x English, 2x Maths and 2x Science). 

Non-core subjects: 1 planned lesson per week per subject. 

Year 10

Core: 3 planned lessons per week per subject (e.g. 3x English, 3x Maths and 3x Science). 

All Other Subjects: 2 planned lessons per weekper subject.

Year 11

Please continue to complete all work set by your teachers. 

Student Online Curriculum Expectations Post-Easter Holidays

–       All lessons for the week will be put on Firefly at the beginning for the week to give students and parents more flexibility and control over home learning. 

–       Students are expected to log on to Firefly at the start of the week to check what lessons and tasks they need to complete that week. Where possible, we recommend students stick to their current timetable to complete work for each subject because teachers will be available during all normal timetabled lessons to answer any queries relating to the work. 

–       All tasks will continue to be set, submitted, and marked through Firefly – please ensure your child sticks to the deadlines set by their teacher. 

–       If work is showing up ‘not submitted’ on Firefly we may be in touch with you via email or phone to check that everything is alright and to offer learning/ICT support. 

Please be aware that we are here to help and support you with your child’s learning at this time. If your child is struggling with any aspect of the digital curriculum please contact their teacher, Head of Department, Head of Year or Rebecca Stott, Assistant Head Teacher Digital Learning via email and we will work with you to support your child.

If you require Firefly or ICT assistance, please contact: (ICT Support) (ICT support)  (Assistant Headteacher Digital Learning)

Please note that no lesson work will be set over the Easter Holiday period – online learning will resume on Tuesday 14th April 2020.