FRA staff were delighted to be able to run an Open Day for Year 6 students at the end of September. 

It has been two years since we have been able to hold such an event and the opportunity to dress up and have some fun proved too much to refuse for staff and students alike. 

The day was based on a James Bond theme, coinciding with the release of the latest 007 movie. 

The students spent a day completing “special missions” in order to earn themselves their FRA cadet cap. From assault courses in PE to escape rooms in French and all the way through cookery, humanities and science, the theme continued. 

A great day was had by all. The evening saw the academy need to hastily arrange a third presentation in order to accommodate the unprecedented numbers of parents attending. It was also lovely to see, dotted in the audience, some young, camouflaged faces still wearing their cadet caps!

Many thanks to the staff for the work they put into the event but especially to our Year 6 students and our primary colleagues for coming along and getting stuck in.

A long day for all but great fun was had and we all left feeling “shaken,  not stirred!”.

Thanks to Tywardreath School for the brilliant photos of their amazing students.