Dear Parent/Carer,

As you will be aware, the cold temperatures have been playing havoc with the road network.  With temperatures set to stay below freezing this evening and well into tomorrow, we have been reviewing the safety of keeping the school open.

We have made the difficult decision to CLOSE school tomorrow, this is because of the following factors:

  • The majority of our students arrive by bus and having been in close dialogue with the bus company, we are unable to ensure all students can travel to school tomorrow, particularly those from more remote locations such as Lerryn and Luxulyan
  • Many of our staff live in rural areas which have experienced difficulties today and are unlikely to improve tomorrow
  • Cornwall Council has confirmed that only main roads will be gritted, this means many of our parents, staff, and bus routes will be traveling on very icy roads
  • The majority of schools in the area are starting late and although we have considered this, the majority of our students arrive by bus, and in conjunction with the bus company, we cannot guarantee a timely arrival for them

Whilst it is not going to be popular with everyone, the decision has to be made to ensure everyone can stay safe.  We are very lucky at Fowey in that all students have iPads which means we can offer remote learning that other schools would find difficult to achieve.  Given the dangerous road conditions, it makes no sense to risk your safety when we can offer learning from home.

All lessons will be online via Firefly.  Students should log on and access this work and email their classroom teachers for any assistance needed.

We will review the situation tomorrow and update you as soon as we can regarding the rest of the week.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Stay safe.