18th December 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,  

Following the government announcement yesterday, to support public health efforts, we will be operating a staggered start in the first week of January. 

In accordance with the government guidelines, between Monday 4th January and Friday 8th January 2021, the school will only be open for Year 11 students, vulnerable students and the children of keyworkers while all Year 7 to Year 10 lessons will take place online. If you require a keyworker place for your child please email enquiries@fracademy.org. All students in school should be in full school uniform.

All other students will return to school on Monday 11th January 2021. 

Remote Learning Provision for Years 7 to Year 10 from 4th January until 8th January 2021

As we are a digital school, we are in a very fortunate position. The proposed staggered start will cause minimum disruption to student learning at Fowey River Academy as all of our lessons are already online for students to access through Firefly and we have the perfect platforms in place for task setting, submissions, marking/feedback and monitoring. Firefly is a fantastic platform for supporting all learners; staff are able to add video, audio, text and images to support students. To check out what our Firefly provision looks like visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IDC-d74aws&t=4s

During this period, students will continue to follow the same curriculum that they would have in school; work for each timetabled lesson will be set, submitted and marked via Firefly. 

Firefly can be accessed via any digital device including; smart phones, iPads or home computer. If you do not have any internet access at home, please let us know and we will make alternative provision. 

What will students need to do from home? 

–       Students are expected to follow their normal timetable by logging onto Firefly during their timetabled lessons and following the lesson uploaded by their teacher (work for each timetabled lesson will be set on Firefly by 8am each day.

–       During timetabled lessons, teachers will be available via email if students have any queries regarding the work. 

–       Work for each timetabled lesson will be set, submitted and marked via Firefly (for a step-by-step guide on how to do this please visit: https://foweyriver.fireflycloud.net/help 

–       Students need to complete all work on the deadline set by teachers. Year teams will monitor submissions. 

What if your child is ill?  

–       If your child is ill, please notify the school via email so we can keep a record of students who will not be completing tasks on set days. 

Live Lessons

Some subjects will also be running Live Lessons through Microsoft Teams. Please tell your child to check their emails for Live Lesson invites. If your child has not used Microsoft Teams before, instructions on how to access Live Lessons can be found here: https://foweyriver.fireflycloud.net/help-1

Technical Support 

For technical support using Firefly please visit:


If you require any further technical assistance please email:

dwilkins@fracademy.org (ICT Support)

slemin@fracademy.org (ICT support)

rstott@fracademy.org  (Assistant Headteacher Digital Learning)

If you require any further assistance or have any questions please email Ms Stott. 

Free School Meals

If you require FSM’s during the first week, please email us at enquiries@fracademy.org and we will be able to organise vouchers to be sent out.

A massive thank you in advance for your support with this. 

Kind regards, 

Ben Eddy