This proved to be an excellent week for our current Year 10. With the dogged determination of Mrs Beard and the Y10 team, every student managed to secure a work experience placement. The students chose a range of placements from the Eden Project to working in local restaurants and a number of local schools

The students proved to be a hit with their employers and the local community – a number of very positive and complimentary comments being posted on social media. The students’ success was celebrated as soon as they returned after the Easter holidays and the Y10s have been able to see what their employers said about them in a display on the circulating platform. As their Head of School I was proud to hear so many positive comments as well as offers of work. The students now are starting to realise how great they are and how much potential they have. They are a credits to themselves, their parents and the school.

Included below are some of the many positive comments made by the employers:

  • Libby Patton- Libby has been a fantastic asset in the classroom and is born to teach- Tywardreath Primary
  • Madison Morcom- Fully engaged and develops a wonderful relationships with the students- Tywardreath Primary School
  • Megan Bennett – Really successful, working hard, connected with staff, loved by the children.  Fowey Pre-school
  • Lily Carmichael – Built the gallery website, fantastic IT skills.  Excellent presentation, design and layout skills.
  • Alfie Commander – Used own initiative, lovely manner, kept students working and on task, learnt how to deal with more challenging students.  Fowey Primary School
  • Erin Geoghegan – Showed huge initiative, only needed to be told what to do once and did everything well.  Loved having her working there.  Crumpetts Too
  • Aimee Harris – Above and beyond, amazing, loved by the students.  Fowey Pre-school
  • Kelsie Jeffries – Excellent report throughout – credit to the school.  Brown Sugar
  • Erin Rogers – Best work experience student they have ever had. Always looking for work.  Could not praise her high enough.  Richards Quality Food and veg.
  • Daniel Sutherland – Asked questions, worked hard, learning to cut hair, learning to shave customers, learning tools for job.  Real aptitude for work. Botiga Hair
  • Lauren Tamblin – Happy Days Nursery. Amazing – cannot praise her highly enough, settled in well with staff and children.  Took the initiative, doesn’t have to be asked.  If Lauren wanted to do this kind of work we would take her on. (because Lauren did so well the placement will be very happy to take any students from FRA again)
  • Jack Rowe – Hard working, helpful to customers and staff.  He has been offered weekend job by a customer.  Very confident young man. Walter Bailey.
  • Kimberley Boddy – Gets down to the children’s’ level allowed the children to take the lead, full of common sense and intuition. Nurtured Nursery.
  • Billie-Jo Clarke – Settled in very well – happy to offer her work in the future.  Best Western Fowey Valley Hotel
  • Joe Blackie – Worked well all week took part in different activities, Showed initiative and drive in all areas.  Very reliable. Porthpean Outdoor Ed.
  • Jack Morgan – Bodmin and Wenford Railway.  Fantastic asset to the company! Drove trains, helped with admin, in the shop, in the café and engineering workshop.
  • Maddie Newton – Worked really well, settled well.   Lovely, friendly, residents loved her, had time for everyone.  Definitely would be a very good and confident carer.  Atlantis Care Home.
  • Mati Pickering – The Cornwall Bakery – Worked really well, absolutely amazing, one of the better work experience students they have ever had.  Credit to the school and herself.  Developed and presented to the team her own pasty suggestions.
  • Bertie Virr – Roselyon School – Lovely student.  A delight to have working with them.  Did very well and the children loved him.  Worked on ICT, PE and art.
  • Anna Treseder – delightful, really helpful, sorted out choreography and worked through with children.  Is offering and accepted for helping on weekends.  Placement very grateful for her help.
  • Alfie Craddock – St Austell College Photography – worked really hard, produced very high standard of work. Creating a portfoilio, working in the dark room. Engaged well with all tasks, showed maturity and pride in his work.
  • Nirvana Golley – CINTA Stage –rave reviews.  Absolutely brilliant.  Wonderful with children.  Now volunteering regularly Friday evenings with 3 – 10 year olds.  Drama real positive for her.  Totally engaged.