Dear Student, Parent and Carer,

As you are aware government changes has meant that you were unable to take our GCSE exams in the summer this year. However you will have the opportunity to take the exam in the autumn. Your best grade is the grade that counts for you. For
example if you received a grade 6 in August, but in the November exams you achieve a grade 7 then the grade 7 will count. If however in the November exams you achieve a grade 4, then the grade 6 you received in August will be the grade that

It is important that you tell us which exams you wish to take. You can only take exams for subjects you were originally entered for, and you received results for. You cannot take an exam for a subject you were not originally entered for. If you would like to be entered for an exam in November please email by Friday 4th September 2020 with the following information:

 Your Name
 Contact details
 Subjects you want to be entered for

You will then be sent an exam timetable.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you that if you have not already booked a time to collect results, or state if you want them emailed please let Mrs McHardy know as soon as possible. You can email her on

Please enjoy your summer safely and we look forward to seeing you on results day.

Yours faithfully

Peter McKinniss
Senior Assistant Principal