I didn’t do well in my last mock exam, will it mean I will have a low final grade?

Your final grades take into account all assessments and work you have produced over the GCSE course. It is not based on just one mock grade.

I didn’t finish my coursework; will I lose marks for this?

Your final mark will be based on the work you have completed, and if you finished the work to the standard you have shown throughout the course.

I would have worked harder this term for the final exams, I could get a better grade if the exams took place.

Teachers are only able to base results on the work you have done. However, the government recognises that some students may do better in the final exam. In the autumn students will have the opportunity to take the exams if they feel this would be beneficial.

You will keep the best grade.

Where will exams take place?

Unfortunately, we do know yet. As soon as we know we will publicise this.

I want to know my predicted grade for college interviews.

The government has been very clear that teachers cannot share grades with students or parents. We ask you to not put yourselves or our teachers in an awkward position by asking for them.

I want to know my mock 2 results.

Please email your teachers directly for these. Remember that mock 2 results are often lower as this is the first completely independent full assessment and designed to highlight gaps.

When is results day?

August 20th, 2020. Details will be sent out when we know how restrictions will affect this later in June. Please ensure you check emails and the Academy website for details.

I do not agree with my grade, how can I complain?

If you do not agree with your GCSE grade from the exam board, you can appeal your grades. Details of this, and the cost, will be available from Mr Vaughan on results day.

When do we leave school?

Your official leaving date is Friday 26th June, 2020. However teachers will no longer be setting year 11 work after half term. Mrs McHardy has been sending out information for resources set by the colleges to prepare you for year 12. We strongly suggest you access these materials. 

Do I still need to take English and Maths if I do not get a grade 4 or higher?

Yes, this has not changed. We recommend that if you are borderline grade 4 or 5 in English or Maths you continue to study.

What do I do with my books and coursework I have at home?

Please keep these safe. We will be arranging for your books and coursework to be returned to school in June.

What do I do with my iPad?

Please keep your iPad safe and we will arrange for this to be returned to school in June, we will be sending out further details.

Will there be a Prom?

This depends on how long restrictions on social gatherings will be in place. We will do all we can to ensure we can gather together to say our final goodbyes. However, people’s safety must come first, and currently we must stay alert, protect the NHS, and save lives.

Can I still access Firefly for resources, and use school email to keep in touch?

We will keep all resources open to you until the lockdown is lifted and you start your college courses.