Dear Year 11 students, Parent / Carer,

I am writing with both pride and sadness for this year group as you leave the Fowey River Academy family. This is a most unexpected way of leaving Fowey River Academy, without the usual excitement and chance to reminisce as we usually do after a demanding exam season.

We of course still hope to be able hold a get together in the future when restrictions on large gatherings are lifted. When this is a possibility we will of course ensure we contact you all with details.

We are however able to give the opportunity to say goodbye to your tutor, Miss McHardy, Mr Smith and myself during the week of the 15th June. We are also using this opportunity for you to return your school iPad and very importantly any coursework you have.We must do this in a safe way, with social distancing measures protecting yourselves, family and staff. Therefore, we are doing a different tutor group each day. The days are as follows:

 Monday 15th June will be students who are in Miss Miller’s tutor group

 Tuesday 16th June will be students who are in Miss Renfree’s tutor group

 Wednesday 17th June will be students who are in Miss Smith’s tutor group

 Thursday 18th June will be students who are in Mr White’s tutor group

 Friday 19th June will be students who are in Miss William’s tutor group

You will need to book a time on your specific day to come in. To book a time please email Mrs McHardy on by Tuesday 9th June.

When you come into school you must bring the following items:

 Your iPad, still in its protective case

 The iPad charger

 The iPad box

 Any coursework you have at home

For safety reasons it is important you read and follow the instructions below:

 You will enter the school through the Hall at the side door.

 You will be guided through keeping a 2m distance at all times.

 You will then be directed to Mr Lemin and Mr Wilkins who will give you instructions to place the iPad down for collection.

 You will then make your way to the reception area to meet your tutor and place any coursework into a box. Please do not hand your coursework to members of staff as they will not be able to hold it for 24 hours.

 You will then be directed out the main entrance.

As I stated in an earlier letter It has now been confirmed that results will be issued on 20th August 2020. If you would like your results posted for safety reasons, then please let us know by completing the form below. Otherwise in August we will be asking you to book a time to collect your results. Please bring this form with you and you will be able to hand this in when you arrive to deliver your iPad and coursework.

Yours sincerely

Peter McKinniss
Senior Assistant Principal

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